Why choose Paper Bags over Plastic Bags?

4 Jan 2021
A flat handle brown kraft paper bag with green background with the words reuse written on it

It’s in our homes. It’s in our shops. It’s everywhere around us. Paper bags are one of the most common domestic items we use in our day to day lives. Paper bag manufacturers have come a long way since the paper bags were first invented in 1852 by a school professor names Francis Woole. Almost a century and a half later, here we are. Today, paper bags are part of our eco system and here to stay. Large paper bags, Small paper bags, medium paper bags, you name the size and chances are you get exactly what you’re looking for. Courtesy, paper bag manufacturers.

And if that isn’t enough, they’ll make your custom made bags in accordance with your taste and style. Personalized paper bags not only solve a functional purpose, it doubles down as a fashion statement too.

So, let’s dwell a little deeper, shall we? The standard paper bags you might find in a store or a medical shop is made from Kraft paper. So technically they’re kraft paper bags. Other paper bags can be made from recycled paper as well. In fact, some laws even require bags to have a minimum percentage of recycled material in every bag. So what bag suits your needs? Our advice is if you’re going on a shopping spree, kraft paper bags with handles is your ideal companion for the trip. It holds enough content, handles the weight well, and best of all, looks classy. If you’re on an errand run to the grocery store an ordinary paper bag should suffice.

Personalized paper bags sure are on the steeper side, financially speaking. But what they offer more than most bags in its category. And there are literally endless options available if you have a vision and idea in mind to execute. Companies could even look at personalized paper bags to distribute to the entire organization to elevate its brand image. Paper bag manufacturers offer Custom paper bags wholesale services to those who would like to do business. Our suggestion to all company owners would be to look up ‘paper bag shop near me’ in their browser and consider ordering a shipment to distribute amongst the company employees. What’s more? They could even add their company logo to the bag. That’s right custom paper bags with a logo of the company to really cement that brand loyalty.

Shopping bags are medium in size and generally are around 10-20 liters in volume. Of course, much larger ones do exist and easily available. As are smaller shopping bags. But the general one we use is 10-20 liters as the standard offering. Some are single-use and disposable in nature while others are more durable and as a result reusable more than once. Shopping bags manufacturers are well aware of the fact, the demand for reusable shopping bags outnumbers the demand for single-use paper. Simply because of the environmental factor.

So, just who are some leading paper manufacturers around? Max Packaging in Pune, Maharashtra is one of the leaders in the industry. It is uniquely distinct as one of the leading paper bag manufacturers in the city. Keeping customer satisfaction at the core of its philosophy, Max Packaging is committed to serving clients with the best service available. Based in the prominent area Sadhashiv Peth in Pune, it is easily accessible by all modes of transport. From small paper bags and personalized paper bags to branded paper bags across an array of sizes and designs, each individual enables us to continually raise our standards and expectations of respective clients.

While having paper bags manufactured, it is essential to have a partner capable to understand specific needs of the client and work accordingly. On an environmental level, paper bags are grabbing the headlines as the world moves away from plastic. Paper bags are not only reusable, they’re also recyclable biodegradable. They look better, have a better grip, and are completely guilt-free. Be it carry bags or shopping bags, there is an escalating concern for a rapidly deteriorating planet and is not just an obligation, but a personal responsibility to make the correct choices that will impact our tomorrow.

A great way to start would be to completely boycott plastic in all forms and switch to more eco-friendly products and alter our lifestyle for the better. There is no doubt making small changes such as making the leap to paper bags will set a great example in environmental presentation for generations to come.

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