Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Twisted Handle Bags are made from recycled paper making it highly durable, lightweight & sustainable, hence it is the perfect bag for shopping at retail shops. The twisted handle provides a unique grip, that reduces wear & tear and makes it a great bag for carrying load. With various branding options, we can manufacture this bag for you in different sizes & colours to meet your exact requirements.

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Why Choose Us?

  • We are FSC® Certified & use only the highest quality of paper for our bags.
  • We provide rapid delivery time with effective communication in a timely manner.
  • We cater to 10+ Industries and 200+ corporate clients, with great prices for all our esteemed clients.
A brown kraft paper bag printed by max packaging for bao
A human hand holding brown twisted handle paper bags in a nature background
A variety of different paper bags printed by max packaging for its clients
A human hand holding twisted handle paper bags printed by max packaging for its clients
A collage of different views of a roopam paper bag with jeans, shirts & boxes
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